Onmyhook becomes Odd Hook

Onmyhook becomes Odd Hook - Oddhook

First of all we would like to thanks everyone for the support. We are growing stronger in the community each day, and that's thanks to you all. We could not be able to do this without all of your wonderful support. We are growing and learning each day and it’s finally time for some additional exciting news

The beginning
As heavy fishing addicts we have always struggled to find clothes that reflect our way of living. Clothes that suits our everyday life as anglers. Clothes that would be comfortable enough that we could wear when we caught our personal best and at the same time stylish enough to wear at the bar or at work.

November 2019
What a journey, after a long time we could finally present our idea to the world. We opened up to the public in mid-november 2019. Our initial goal was to only enable personalized clothing for anglers to remember their special catches. With the ability to write your own text. It could be the weight, location or whatever would have prolong that special memory

Additional collection
We added some additional clothes that focused more on making a statement such as “I’m a part of the fishing community”. A collection that was equally comfortable for any situation. Something that would minimize the barrier to become a part of the wonderful fishing community. No matter if you've never caught a fish, if you're a pro, or if you have just started, these clothes are for you.

The first few months
The response from the fishing community was above our wildest expectations. The daily encouragements and that we have successfully delivered products to almost every corner of the world is beyond our wildest dreams.

Going Forward
You have talked and we have listened. The collection with the incredible embroideries that was first intended to be a small additional collection is now our main and best selling products. This is where our focus will be going forward.

The new name
The first few months after launching Onmyhook we have learned extremely much. We have found what kind of product that was missing in the fishing communities. We have learned what kind of products you love and where we should aim our focus. We will continue to create new products that is missing in the fishing community. We will create products that stands out and is different. That’s where the Odd comes in
differing markedly from the usual, ordinary, or accepted”

The hook is still remaining because we will still provide these new ways of creating clothes to anglers around the world. This is symbolized by our hook symbol. Because it’s sure an odd looking hook and it also symbolize what we do and at the same time is the first letter in Odd Hook (O).

End note
Thank you all for the encouragement and we have an  even more exciting journey ahead.
We can’t wait to keep evolving Odd Hook together with you all.

Take care and Stay safe
/ Odd Hook Team

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